Aloha, I'm Sharon Rose
Welcome to Rose Arts Hawaii
​How it began...
            Sometimes our greatest gifts or adventures begin in unexpected ways.  For me one dramatic example came as I was searching for a better way to do my work as a holistic psychotherapist, a way that was more heart centered than doing agency work would allow.  I remember again and again thinking "I want to do work of my heart."

That opportunity came about with a heart attack, followed by 3 procedures placing 10 stents, another heart attack, followed by open heart surgery, a small stroke, then another.  Work as I knew it had officially ended ... Be careful what you ask for, right?

Open heart surgery left me with permanent brain injury in the areas of short term memory, thought organizing, executive functioning, along with word loss and word scramble. Clearly, my days as a psychotherapist were over.

I had found solace in artwork as long as I can remember. It began as a little girl, as my escape from a harsh environment. I pursued art through my school years and even had a graphic arts buisness for a while in my 30's.

About a year prior to the first heart attack I began "seeing" images that needed to be drawn. I had been delving into my spirituality and my intuition, and this seemed a lovely combining of
these elements with my artistic abilities.

After the heart attack, as I was moving through my days in terror and fatigue, I was also recieving more visions of art to be drawn. I had to let go of my busy and terrified brain, and just be present with the Divine guidance to bring the images to life. Here was the peace I so deeply needed, here was the healing of my heart and the touching of my Spirit to the Great Divine essence.  

My days are now filled with creating Art from my Heart.

"The future ​belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"
💕 Eleanor Roosevelt